Praise from Children

“I like this book because it is about friendship. I saw a hedgehog in our garden the other day. He was sitting under the bush and staring at me. I think he was missing a friend too.” Kathy (eight), UK


“It’s a really nice story about a brave little hedgehog! Leaving his grandma is a BIG decision because, when you don’t have a family member with you, you have no one else to protect you and you have to protect yourself. It’s a really cool story and I love hedgehogs! They are adorable and nice to you. This book helped me to learn more about hedgehogs and also that foxes eat berries. I want to read more of these stories now!” Lorelei (seven), UK


“It was really funny and I really liked it.” Maya (seven), UK


“I was sad at the end because I wanted it to be longer. I liked it because Spikey was friendly and cared about his friends, just like me. My favourite part was when they ate the berries and their lips turned blue. That made me laugh.” Frankie (seven), UK


“I loved the details and pictures. I like how Spikey finds friends who like him even if he is a little different.” Christian (eight), US


“It was a funny and cool story! I am happy they all became friends in the end and Spikey found himself a home and a place where he felt like he belonged.” Bentlee (10), US


 “When the weather gets warm, we will go camping again with Mommy and Daddy and look for hedgehogs together. Mommy already told me that they don’t live where I live, but she will show me how they play anyway.”

Jesse (four), US


“I always knew that all the animals in parks, gardens and woods were helping each other, but this book is a real confirmation of it! I even think I saw Spikey in our garden the other day. I need to go now to prepare something to eat and drink for him.”

Julie (five), Czech Republic


“I like the ideas Spikey came up with. Especially the names – he gave names to all his friends and names are very, VERY important.” 

Ladik (eight), Czech Republic

“Just because Spikey is different doesn’t mean you can’t play with him and that he is not nice. Spikey is unique, and unique means that you are special in your own way. He is also fun and caring, and his feelings are inside his heart.” Millie (seven), UK


“It wasn’t nice that the other hedgehogs left Spikey out and didn’t want to play with him. It must have made him feel upset. I would have felt like that. I think that he would be a very nice friend to have because he helps everybody.” Hayden (seven), UK


“Wise means clever and the little hedgehog wasn’t clever because he forgot what his grandma told him about foxes! I would also write the book longer because Spikey needs more friends.”

Mal (seven), UK


“The little hedgehog is friendly, helpful and caring, and really fun to be with. What I loved about the story is that just because someone is different doesn’t mean I have to be mean to them. Because everyone is different, but you can all still play together.” Mishka (seven), UK


“I liked the story because there were lots of friendly characters in it.” William (seven), UK  


Praise from Adults

“Of all the things in this world, children are often most interested in learning and friendship. The Little Hedgehog story is a wonderful book which helps children ask important philosophical questions about life, think about what friendship, loyalty and helping actually means for them, and learn more about the world of wildlife just outside their door.”

John Hepburn, educational psychologist, UK


“It’s a delightful, warm, gentle story which I think children will be enchanted with. Tereza has managed to embed a message in the story about helping one another, which I think children will relate to.”

Sheila Carnan, former head teacher, UK


“The Spikey books are a joy! There is growing evidence that books such as the Spikey series can really help to support the emotional well-being of children. Books that are presented in such a clear and engaging way as ‘Spikey’ and ‘Spikey and the Caterpillar Sausage Cat’ really can help to involve children in developing their skills in problem-solving and creative thinking.”

Dr Gavin Morgan, educational psychologist at UCL, currently leading research into bibliotherapy, UK


“This story really resonated with the children. They identified with the characters and understood how important both receiving friendship and being a good friend is. The language is child-friendly, but also extends the children’s vocabulary. A truly delightful book with thought-provoking issues.”

Sue Colman, teacher at Harlyn Primary School, London, UK


“During my time in Parliament, I campaigned for hedgehogs to be a protected species as the UK hedgehog population has declined by 30% over the last ten years. This book helps raise the profile of hedgehogs with children and will help provide much-needed funds for The British Hedgehog Preservation Society.”

Oliver Colvile, former Conservative MP, UK

 “My daughter really enjoyed the book because it was sweet and funny. It was a nice way for us to talk about the importance of being friends and how Spikey thought about others more than himself. Frankie liked how brave he was despite not being the fastest hedgehog. Coincidentally, we are off to our local woods at the weekend as they have an event to do with hedgehogs in their local habitat. So she asked me if I could read her the story again on that day because she enjoyed hearing about the hedgehogs.”

Catherine Erdly, mother of Frankie (seven), UK


“Such an informative and beautifully written book that would be a great addition to any classroom or home library. After reading this story we have now done our bit to help hedgehogs by building a hedgehog hotel in our garden.”

Lisa, mum of two, UK


“I loved reading this book to my four-year-old son. It is such a nice story about friendship written in an age-appropriate way. This book gave us a lot of new ideas about what to look for in the woods. He is super excited and I am very happy I found this book. I would definitely recommend it to other parents.”

Anna Rathkopf, mother of Jesse (four), US


“We all loved it! The questions at the bottom were amazing and really helped my eight-year-old who struggles with book comprehension. And they really made him and my 11-year-old think. And even my two-year-old could answer some of them. The writing was amazing. And the storyline and the characters make you fall in love with them instantly. Can’t wait to tell others about it!”

Miranda Kay, mum of three, US


 “Julie loved the story and wanted to discuss or at least comment on nearly everything. She is at the age of raising questions and loves to look for answers in discussions with peers or adults. This book was a perfect choice as it totally corresponds with her needs at the moment – a simple story inviting her to raise questions and think about answers at the same time, showing that the world is not black and white.”

Jirina Lenova, mother of Julie (five), Czech Republic


“The story is engaging and builds tension, and it kept my autistic son entertained for quite some time. But most of all, I loved the fact that it highlights characters with a need or a disability. The children’s book market is full of ‘typical’ characters, animals or people, but nothing my son can actually relate to. I hope there will be more of Spikey and his adventures in the future.”

Darina Vymetalikova, mother of Ladik (eight), Czech Republic