This book series is gratefully supported
by Hedgehog Street in the United Kingdom

In response to the worrying decline of hedgehogs across the UK, the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) launched the Hedgehog Street campaign, which seeks to conserve this iconic species and empower the British public to help hedgehogs in people’s own back gardens. By putting out some food or linking up your gardens with ‘hedgehog highways’, you can help hedgehogs. The PTES and BHPS are also currently commissioning various research projects into the reasons for the decline of hedgehogs and measures that could be taken to reverse the effects.

 It’s all about giving people an understanding of hedgehogs, why they are declining and how easy it is to help them. With their unique, charismatic and curious appearance, hedgehogs regularly feature as ‘Britain’s favourite wild mammal’ in polls and evoke such an affectionate response from the public that there’s every reason to be genuinely hopeful that we can reverse this decline.

 Hedgehogs love gardens, and we know what features they need to survive and thrive in suburbia. Hedgehog Street is all about simple things everyone can do to help save our favourite wild animal. If you want to join us in the fight to save this national treasure, sign up to Hedgehog Street today at