Please, never be shy and always wave and say hello when you see me! Even though hedgehogs are naturally solitary animals, I am a friendly one. I am Spikey and I would love to say hello to you too. Just stand back a little, say hello, and I’ll sniff a hello back.

To make sure you recognise me, try to draw me first. Here is how:


First, we draw my nose.

draw 1

Second, we draw my muzzle.

draw 2

Third, we add my right eye and ear.

draw 3

Fourth, we draw the first row of spines behind my head.

draw 4

Fifth, we add the row of spines along my back.

draw 5

Sixth, we fill in the spines over the rest of my body.

draw 6

Finally, we add my legs and feet. As the hedgehog you are drawing is me, Spikey, don’t forget to make my back-left leg a little shorter than the others!

draw 7

And now that you know my shape, can you also colour me correctly? You can colour in all of my friends too!






Would you like to have me visit your garden? Follow my checklist to find out how to attract me in.

DOWNLOAD CHECKLIST  How to attract Spikey and other hedgehogs to your garden

Please see here for more information about how you can help hedgehogs, or visit our Facts about Hedgehogs page.

Would you like to be part of a hedgehog community? Why not keep track of us in your own hedgehog-spotting diary?


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