How To Use Our Books – Grandma Hedgehog’s Big Fun Quiz

Hi there! It’s Grandma Hedgehog here. If you’d like to enjoy sharing slightly more in Spikey’s outings in the big, wide world, maybe you’d like to try my quiz questions (you’ll find them throughout the books) about all the wonderful and important things that happen, and what you think of them? Which ones can you answer, and which ones will fox you? Ha ha ha!

Here’s what you need to know:

* The questions marked with a star are for those of you who are four to seven years old, and they are questions about what has happened in the story (you’ll find the answers for these in the book you are reading) and what you think will happen next. But if these are too easy for you…

These are harder and deeper questions for those of you who are seven years old and above. These are questions about what the characters (and you) feel, think and understand. You won't find the answers to these in the story, and they should make you really, really think. If you are a grown-up, you’ll probably find them challenging too!


“There is growing evidence that books such as the Spikey series can really help to support the emotional well-being of children. Books that are presented in such a clear and engaging way as ‘Spikey’ and ‘Spikey and the Caterpillar Sausage Cat’ really can help to involve children in developing their skills in problem-solving and creative thinking.”

Dr Gavin Morgan, educational psychologist at UCL, currently leading research into bibliotherapy, UK