In Regent’s Park, London, a lonely and rejected hedgehog called Spikey must learn quickly if he is to survive the coming winter. With only the wisdom of his grandma to guide him, he sets out into the big, wide world. Who will help him, and how will he cope when there are dangers all around?

An exciting and heart-warming story for children and hedgehog-lovers of all ages.


Message from the Author

Our books are designed to be read by adults to children.

The adult and the child can then discuss the questions and the ideas raised in the story. More-advanced readers can read these books and think about the ideas raised all by themselves. These books should help people think about friendships, aspirations, dreams, personal values, the different strengths we all possess and the different story arcs we are all on.

I hope that they help both adults and children think about who they are, how they want to live their lives and the type of people they would like to be.

Just as importantly, I hope the discussions you all have help you to learn more about each other.

With love,
Tereza & Co x